Blockcap Joins the Bitcoin Mining Council

Blockcap Joins the Bitcoin Mining Council

The blockchain sector is getting ready for mass adoption as news like Blockcap joining the Bitcoin Mining Council keeps surfacing. Blockcap, one of the largest blockchain companies in North America, recently joined the BMC (Bitcoin Mining Council). 

BMC is aiming to offer transparency and educational resources revolving around BTC mining. Moreover, the forum provides quality practices with additional benefits for BTC users worldwide. 

Given Blockcap’s market stature, the company becoming a founding member of the BMC generates a buzz. Names like Argo blockchain, Galaxy Digital, Hut8, Hive, Core Scientific, Marathon Digital Holdings, and Riot are already involved with the Council.

Blockcap offers sustainable mining practices by proffering a 100% carbon-neutral footprint and 56% renewable energy use in its USA-based facilities. Darun Feinstein (Chairman, Founder, and CEO, of Blockcap) cheered BMC’s development., stating that every member involved in the ordeal is complying with the fundamental principles of Bitcoin. The regulations include promoting global financial adoption and decentralization.

He further added that Blockchain is delighted to join the cause with top firms to expand the virtual asset tech space. It will open the world to the benefits of digital assets, allowing almost 8 billion individuals to access property rights amounting to financial autonomy.

Blockcap aims to educate the masses about the benefits of Blockchain in the financial sector on a global scale. The Council will support the seamless flow of accurate data regarding Bitcoin since numerous misconceptions, and false narratives cloud the concept. The bottom line is that the market is witnessing a decentralized financial and customer-centric accounting network for the first time in tech history. Thus, the masses must know about its existence and learn how to access it.

The Bitcoin Mining Council was established the previous month after several informal conversations between numerous miners and Micheal Saylor (CEO of Microstrategy and BTC supporter). 

The BMC plans on conducting quarterly meetings to gather viable data to educate the masses, assess the ongoing BTC mining trends, and present the best practices to facilitate sustainable growth of the sector. 

A website has been established to provide viable information regarding the Council. The fundamental idea of the Council is an intriguing concept, and the involvement of household names is bringing further attention to the establishment.

The Council’s success cannot be determined right now, but it is safe to state that it is bound to stir the industry significantly. 

Blockcap, the well-known North American blockchain-based company, is now joining the star-studded Bitcoin Mining Council. Established only a month back, the Council is already garnering worldwide attention. Blackcap’s CEO shared his delight in joining the Council and stated how Bitcoin and Blockchain could revolutionize the global digital sector. 


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